Huy Believe

Huy Believe is a newcomer to the DJ/ Producing scene and started in 2010. He has been exposed to electronic music for over half of his life and has been influenced by various genre’s. Now looking to jump to the other side, he is an emerging artist looking to create his own identity. Huy Believe has been recognized as having a refreshing take on a scene that continues to evolve and seems to have an everlasting shelf life. His identity and musical influences vary from techno, tech-house, minimal, deep house, progressive, house, indie, & electro. He has created a style as a DJ around his sound & his growing reputation will take him as far as his vision goes. Huy Believe consistently plays all over San Diego & continues to play outside his home in Los Angeles, Vegas, Mexico, & Central America. His future plans will consist of producing and releasing his first track while continuing to DJ at various venues across the nation and internationally.



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