Promoter/Venue must headline Artist as Schoeny of Sleeping Giant Music

“Schoeny" must appear with the appropriate billing (and spelling) in all printed
advertising and must be mentioned in all radio spots.

Pictures and logos of the Artist and company must be included in all billing.


Justin Michael Schoeneberger, better known by his stage name as "Schoeny," is an American DJ, record producer and songwriter based in San Diego, CA. He is the co-creator of the electric dance music project “ALL GOLD,” and creator of the official iTunes podcast,"AGR Workout."

Schoeny is an award-winning producer and artist who debuted on the international scene with his "Life Is Good" tour in 2012. "In My Zone" was a collaboration with fellow musician Ben Harris, released in 2014 that did exceptionally well in the US nightclub scene. In 2015 he released his solo EP, “Heights”, that was picked up by TGR Music, a German-basec record label.

Along with his success as a producer and songwriter, Schoeny has carried multiple nightclub residences in the US that got him his number 10 spot in San Francisco's’ top DJ list. Due to his constant obsession with music and attention to detail, Schoeny is one of the most successful and driven personalities in the music scene today.



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