Dom King

Raised in El Paso, TX Dom King (FKA Dj Stick.D) knew at an early age that not only was he a fan of music but that he also wanted to be in control of what people heard at parties. Although his parents didn’t have the finances to support his dream, Dom kept his vision alive and studied Djs who came before him while planning to one day get equipment of his own and be the one aspiring DJ’s studied and looked up to. After moving out of his parent’s house and saving his money Dom King purchased his first set of turntables and immediately began practicing his craft. Eventually Dom King was relocated to Japan as part of his work in the Armed Services of the United States. This relocation would have stopped many people from pursuing their goals as it was a new country, but Dom however took advantage of his being in Japan and immediately began networking with promoters and club owners. This tireless networking and the promoter’s recognition of Dom Kings talent led him to DJ in some of Japan’s premier nightclubs. With his ever-growing buzz in Japan’s nightlife scene Dom King released a popular mix tape that featured both American and Japanese artists. As his buzz in Japan continued to grow the military relocated Dom King back to California.

Dom burst onto the West Coast party scene with a vengeance utilizing the styles and crowd rocking techniques he had learned while in Japan he quickly established himself as a sought out after talent. Fairly new to the San Diego club scene Dom has played at many of San Diego’s most popular clubs inside the Gaslamp. In 2010 he pressed and released a mixtape compilation titled “Daygo Allstars” which featured all local artist from the San Diego area. Since then he has release another mixtape co hosted by z90.3s Dj D Rock featuring local San Diego artist titled “SDSU” which featured commercials aired on BET. Aug 15 2013 Dom King won the San Diego Region of The Dave&Busters Redbull Dj Competition. In Dec 2013 he won the Fortune 421 Dj Competition at Stingaree. In May of 2014 he won the Beezo Battle at Proabition night club in Riverside CA and was the runner up for the Beezo Battle in Las Vegas NV later that year. Dom King has nowhere to go but up and is quickly setting himself up to join the international ranks of world famous DJ.



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